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I got the needed parts to make not one but 2 harnesses at a local pick n pull. I re-read the instructions, and the only thing not clear is do you leave the old harness in place?

To me that would be the easiest, covering up the org. plugs with electrical tape.

BTW, what a dirty job pulling those connectors were! The PnP had 7 civics, all shells with nothing left...surprise...but I harvested several connectors from a big Acura, and an early 90's accord.

The civic is at the mechanics for: Timing belt, alt and a/c belts, water pump, new axles & seals, thermostat, radiator, cam and crank seal.

It was leaking bad, presumably out of the crank or cam shaft seal. I figured that might have destroyed the timing belt...(looked good, but the slob who did it, didn't bother to change the seals while in there)

Now I just hope that driving a 5 speed doesn't aggravate my back again.

Thanks for the help, great forum.
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