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A lot of stock features on that scooter I'd prefer on a modern scooter. I think the closest you get are the scooters common in South and Southeast Asia.

So I've found there are fuel-tuning tools available for the EFI Zuma 125. Not sure just how useful that is to the MPG-minded, but in theory, it would allow you to tweak the fuel injection to force the bike to consume less fuel. Then again, maybe the tools only useful for adjusting the settings back to stock if they get out of whack, or adjusting them accordingly if you put on a 150cc.

I'll be looking into this more later. Definitely something to consider down the road. Along with the CVT swap and gearing/weights. A manual tranny swap is probably out of the question for me.

For now, my money has been going towards updated riding gear, as well as an aftermarket air-filter and magnetic drain-bolts. The only ecomod I really have under my belt with this bike is keeping the tires at 40psi (about the most they can hold. I tried giving them more but it settles back to 40 pretty quickly).

Still have some adjusting to do with the nut behind the handlebars as well as accurate MPG tracking. You'd be surprised how easily you can throw off your numbers when with different tank positions and pumps and a 1.6 gallon (6 liter) tank.
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