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The boards are supposed to get here today! But they aren't here right now. It was supposed to be before noon. I'm working on the dimensions of the bus bars and base plate now and ordering it today. I was going to try a water cooled baseplate just to break the boredom. haha. My local metal shop had 1/2" and 3/4", so I went with 3/4" thick. It's overkill, but I wanted to have room to drill in the side of it and mill nice channels right under where (haha underwear) the 24 igbts will be clamped.. Well, they will be soldered to copper, and the copper will be clamped against the base plate. I'm hoping for around 60-70 kwatt. Actually I'm hoping that the pile of crap just works. hahaha. Once it works (there! I'm being positive), I'll put together a kit for it. Oh please please please work.

I just finished the BOM for it last night.
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