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Originally Posted by SOUL-DRIFTER View Post
A cop out explanation, double talk...figures.
All t_vago is gently trying to point out, I believe, is that Scientists (by which I mean all who follow the rational path from an idea[theory] to bench-testing[experiment] to data-gathering[measurement] to Proof) are following the principles of Empiricism that have served humankind pretty darn well for centuries ... Finding the proof has always lain on the side of the experimenter, design-engineer or backyard tinkerer, so get out of the dark ages.

And, no, there's nothing wrong with keeping an open mind, but that's no reason to turn it into an open sewer; ie. let any old s**t flow in there because it suits your, uhum, world view.

Site Mods, don't you have a tool to merge all this HHO BS into one easily avoidable pile?
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