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Originally Posted by TOOSTUBBORN2FAIL View Post
I was wondering how much benefit it would actually be, considering the fact that the front bumper still needs a flat portion for the license plate to go back on. The other thing I was wondering was if the radiator in the rear would have enough cooling capacity at low speeds or idle.

Heres another question. If the radiator stayed in the front with a much smaller and ducted grill, does it make any sense to move the condensor to the rear, knowing that the HVAC box is going to be in the trunk no matter what? Or should it just stay in the front, and keep the rear of the undertray closed?
The electric fans would cover the periods of idling and low speed operation so that part is covered.
If you do the Walter Korff full-width,1/6th height opening,airtight inlet duct you'll have the drag minimum for the inlet side of the cooling system.
Obviously,if you maintain the original condenser location,then you've saved some work,except for the tubing extensions to the rear.
If you went ahead and did the trunk-mounted heat-exchanger,you could try and mimic a trick Ferrarri has done with their 599XX racer.This car has a porous belly pan diffuser in which two trunk-mounted electric fans scavenge air from,then blast out to the wake area in the locations vacated by the tailights.They claim that by pulsing the jet,that the wake can be momentarily detached from the car.
They make no drag benefit or speed claims,but the idea is tasty.It has been known for decades that a suction slot at the back of a car can beneficially alter the flow for reduced drag.
You might want to look at that Ferrarri.
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