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I'm going clutchless with this project. I scavanged the Spline coupler from the lift truck when I got the motor. I scavanged the spline coupler from the clutch. My machinist friend is working on mating them together to form my coupler.

I've read lots on batteries and I plan to purchase LiFePo batteries for the battery pack. I'm planning on a 120 volt pack. The motor is rated for 48 volts so I can over volt with advanced timing. I have already cleaned and painted the motor. I replaced the bearings and was able to advance the brushes very easily while the motor was taken apart. I used Autocad to create a template of the existing hole patterns and then draw new holes for the advance. I used ahole punch to make holes in the paper pattern and then used a spring punch to mark the new hole centers.

My machinist is also making me a 6 tooth tach ring so I can use a pickup to use the Saturn's existing tach. It's been done before and I am following the directions I found on line.

I'm trying to involve my two oldest sons. They are teenagers and each has interest. The oldest(16) has interest in the controls and the youngest has interest in the mechanical. Both may be able to earn a merit badge from their involvement.

I have started an album and pan on dowloading pictyres soon.
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