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What an interesting read, i like the passion all here have for economy, and i,m cheering for bondo,s hard work to come to fruition,.

Bondo,. the trucking industry has added many aerodynamic add ons to trucks in the last few years, one of the add ons were small arrow shaped diffusers on the side ends of trailers, these diffusers really helped break the vacuum and turbulence at the back of the trailer, the same diffusers were added to the ends of sleeper extensions to aid in the turbulence between truck and trailer,.something about being shaped the same as parts of a whale?
Nature is the leader in any aerodynamic efficiency models,.

add another "w">>

wonder how simple additions like this to your design might help?
Why make the box extension so square in shape, and not more kammback style?
I have an old idi turbo diesel 4x4 truck , it regularly gets 19mpg (us gal)

Keep up the great work, your tenacity is inspiring,.

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