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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
If you're going to scratch-build a body-in -white car I would recommend you not begin until you have thoroughly read about Eiffel,Rumpler,Jaray,Lay,Fachsenfeld,Kamm,Hoerner, Korff,Mair,Morelli,and studied what VW,Mercedes-Benz,GM,Ford and others have done with their record cars over the years.
All of this body of work will be necessary for you to have enough tools to work with .
I've been actively involved in road vehicle aerodynamics since 1974 and it's taken this long to arrive at a fabrication tool as simplified as the 'Template'.
Perhaps your research will uncover something hundreds of other investigators have missed over the last 90-years of active wind tunnel research.
You'll want to have your car fully constructed and tested on paper before you purchase an ounce of material or consume a Watt of energy.
Sorry I couldn't help.
I doubt I'm smarter then you. And I'm not going to spend 40 years reading about stuff.

It is a shame you can't help me build anything better then a stock 1994 suburban.

I'll just have to stumble along without all the required engineering research.
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