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Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
I can understand your impatience to get started, but your building effort will be long, and expensive. Why not try to understand the aerodynamic principles first.
if we keep doing things the same way we always have, we will continue to get the results we always have.

I started building things.

The first thing I figured out is the side template is about 1/4 of the opportunity.

Every aero device has ONE top. Every aero device has TWO sides.

If I fix something to take advantage of his template, I'm getting about 1/3 of the potential benefits. And tapering things from the sides can be a LOT easier if you choose your starting point.

But, my point is the numbers are misleading. And I believe the template is a disservice as I believe in the real world there will be big problems with separation.

Airplanes do the opposite of the template - they get a lesser angle the further you go back to ENSURE the air stays attached. Aero's template tells you to increase, and I think in the real world that will be bad.

I did not mean to be mean in my post. It is pretty important to understand the theory, as it leads to opportunities.

But it is also important to take the theory and apply it.

With the cancellation of the NW Vetter show, I'm taking a deep breath, taking out a few loans, calling in some favors, and am going to push for Carmel.

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