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went and looked at a car today

well two cars

a 1985 VW Golf Diesel and a 1987 Golf 4 cyl gasser. Both for $800 or 500 for each.

Lets just say it was a waste of my time and I'll chalk up the money wasted on fuel to the stupid tax. But, if my calculations are correct I did net 28 mpg on the high way... very cool

Also, I don't think i could drive anything lesser than my Mercedes.. I'm just soo used to all of the things in it, and the smell of a 23 year old german car.. it's just not the same in a lesser, smaller VW that smells like mold and old milk!

oh.. and I ditched work to go look at the cars then go work on a delorean... aren't I just great

(ps.. i've never ditched work, even with a massive headcold, I still went in)

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