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My boards arrived today for the 200ampRMS (hopefully) controller. And I ordered the parts for populating the boards too. The BOM is ready to be posted to the ecomodder wiki too. Parts are in the $500 range, and the software is of course free, since it's just a bunch of 0's and 1's. Well, it helps living in my mother-in-laws basement. haha. It stacks as follows:

Power board. Notice the 6 large boxes across the top. Each box is a 50mm tall 100uF film capacitor, so 600uF total.

The 24 igbts are going to be these. $7.93 each isn't too bad (for 25):
IRGP4066D-EPBF International Rectifier IGBT Transistors

The power section capacitors are 6 of these:
Digi-Key - 399-5945-ND (Manufacturer - C4AEGBW6100H3NJ)

Power board then Low side Driver Board. 3 isolated supplies. -8.2v up to 15v for turning the igbts on and off Of course, there will be spacers. haha:

Power board, then low side driver board, then high side driver board. 3 isolated supplies. :

Power board, then low side driver board, then high side driver board, then control board:

Close-ups of control board:

Notice the 6 pwm outputs:

The right hand side. haha. 5 friggen nand gates for lots of hardware disabling of the pmw signals. Well, what it does is any trip turns off the 3 high side optocouplers so the poor little pwm signals never make it to granny's house:
kits and boards
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