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Update of project description
Thanks Darin, for your focus on the project and the descriptive title. When I first started the project, I never imagined the scale of this opportunity, and consequently overlooked the chance to post a smart title.
My passion is the concept of a single person vehicle (SPV), which I believe should become the basis of a new class of vehicles. When vehicle manufacturers, and motorcycle makers in particular, start thinking about how they compromise vehicle efficiency by making provision for passengers, which is rarely used, then important steps forward are possible.

A word about the specific goals.

100mph vmax – this target speed is the equivalent of Craig Vetter’s “70mph into a 30mph headwind” and even though its rarely necessary (or even legal) to drive at this speed, it is a simple proof of the usability of the vehicle. This is not a one-off or single purpose vehicle, it should be used on a daily basis and become a development platform for further SPV designs.

100km/l FE – In my original goals I omitted any reference to FE, a serious omission given this forum’s central theme. By analysing the benefits on general medium speed efficiency from a low-drag, low-capacity machine, I saw that I would come very close to this milestone. I decided to invest some time, and ideas, into reaching this goal, which has become the preserve of speciality machines.

100cc – Although omitted from the headline title, my self-imposed limit of 100cc is a cornerstone of the project's goals. By demonstrating what can be achieved with a low-capacity motor I hope to oppose the lazy mindset of vehicle engineers who simply add capacity rather than explore efficient solutions.

Anyway, that’s enough preaching for now – lets get back to cutting and welding!
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