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Yes, I think that if the Maybach had some plan taper on the sides of the car, that the lifting tufts on the doors and the rear fenders would be largely corrected. The reflections on the side of the car (more so near the front) make it harder to see the tufts. I'm pretty sure that the trapezoidal louver on the front fender just ahead of the doors and the three longitudinal slots on the hood are cooling air exhausts, so they may be introducing some flow that is unexpected?

The difficulty I have with this car is the super long hood and the Jaray greenhouse and roofline conspire to make the passenger compartment pretty tiny for such a large and long car. Two seats is all they managed to get in.

The Cd (if I remember correctly from this EM thread) is 0.16 -- which is totally impressive for an actual car with the cooling, etc. They tested tires at high speeds -- it could go 150mph with just a 150HP engine, which is a testament to low drag chassis!
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