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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
That rear slope angle looks a bit too steep for good attached flow, yet it is there.
Do you guys suppose this is a case of the side angles working together with the rear angle to keep flow attached - much the way the EV-1 had ?

It seems as though the air would spill over the sides with a side slope angle such as this and pull in any detached flow.
These cars are fashioned after Jaray's 'Kombination Form'.where the lower part of the body is the Cd 0.13 'pumpkin seed',with a symmetrical wingtip roof on top.
The air is supposed to go AROUND the sides of the roof on these cars,as with Rumpler's 'drop' car limousine.
The dramatic 'panoramic' windshield and plan taper of the greenhouse is critical to the cars performance.
The original,very tall,late 20s, (think ,Frank Lee's comment about Robert Cumberford's top hat))'slender' Jaray cars could fetch Cd 0.20.
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