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The Honda timing belt should be good for 100,000 to 120,000 miles and if you buy the timing belt from the Honda dealer the belt is $26 and $60 for a water pump or $35 for an after market water pump.
I've never heard of a Honda water pump failing but then again with the water pump only being in service for 100,000 miles it shouldn't ever fail.

I assume that a big part of the reason behind not having large pockets that the valve can fit in instead of crashing in to the pistons is that part of designing a high compression engine that doesn't ping is making the combustion chamber smooth and free of sharp edges or large pockets... so by having an interference engine you gain efficiency with a trade off of every 100,000 miles you needing to buy less then $100 worth of parts, or last time I had my civic VX timing belt and water pump changed it was $300 total, now if I didn't have an interference engine and just waited for my timing belt to brake I'd have to then pay for my car to be towed and I'd still have to pay for it to be repaired, only it would happen at a random point in time when I was on my way to work instead of when I set aside the time for the work to be done as planned.
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