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puddle jumper - '93 Suzuki sidekick base model

energizer bunny - '86 isuzu trooper base model

Clifford the big red dog - '84 GM S-10 durango
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the Isuzu 2.2L the valves are not at a angel to the piston. they have rockers that bend or push-rods that bend when the valves strike the pistons....
sorta the lesser of two evils

so even though its a interference engine, with 21 to 1 comp.
in the event of timing failure....head removal is seldom ever needed.
(i know of no one that has had too)

the engine was made bolth ways, belt and gear timing.
on road is belt, off road is gear.
and no you would not want to use a gear model on the high-way.
there de rated about 30/50% for running water pumps, gen sets, welders ECT ECT
and have much lower max rpms.
1 86 T\D trooper with rare GEN 3 rods TRANS FIXED NOW DD
1 86 4WD 5sp pup is 2.3L gas, but plan on 2.2L diesel repower
1 91 trop, long term plan is a group buy of imported Isuzu 4JB1-T 2.8L I-4 engines, hoping to get price down to 2K not 3K plus
1993 sidekick my MPG toy, epa rating 26.
i get 29/31 with stock drive train.
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