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I have chain in one of my cars, water pump is run with V-belt, valves are adjusted easily with pliers and a wrench, you actually can adjust the timing, not possible with really lot of modern stuff.

Surely it needs more care and adjustments, but if that is price for car to go 20 years without anything major, then I'm happy to adjust and service it bit more.

There are points (breaker) ignition in it too, many say how bad it is, but I have found it being bullet proof, if one has taken time to service it, takes only few minutes, does not cost really anything.

Also car is so easy to work with, there are always left enough space for tools, so that all jobs are really fast to do, I think that nothing takes 1 hour, maybe all brakes might take that time if made all lubricating too. Lift spare wheel out from engine bay and after that everything is in reach right away.

I have more modern thing, it eats all sort of joints at our bad roads, also radiators and heater fans are parts that need regular replacing, many things need removing lot of parts first to get access to what you need to change, alternator belt change needs removal of front wheel and inner fender if you buy service, that adds up to labour time.

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