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I was looking for something that would have a little more amps and I found this but they are $53.90

I also found this one for $149.00 1200v 650 amps and it's a module:


FZ400R12KE3B1 Infineon Technologies IGBT Modules

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I think on some motors it's easier to "rewind" a motor to a lower voltage without officially rewinding. Then you can double the rated rpm and increase the HP. This controller can use any DC bus. I borrowed a 12v dc bus 3 phase motor for testing, so I won't vaporize anything. haha. It was a BMW starter motor I think. A motor shop I think can rewind any motor you want to lower voltages. The AC-50 I think is required to be sold with the Curtis controller. Lower voltage controllers are not that unreasonable pricewise. For some reason, they become just stupidly expensive if you want a 350v DC bus. Like $7000-$19000 or something for a 60kW-100kW controller that allows a 400v peak bus.

I've found that when you order from Mouser something that's on back order, oftentimes it magically appears much faster than would be expected. But not always. I'm a little leery of ordering from China. The nice thing is it's just an igbt in a to-247 package, so there must be alternatives. I need to bite the bullet and order enough so the back order kicks in and the clock starts ticking. Then if we tell Mouser that there's a new company that's called Catter that will swallow them whole if they don't hurry.

I don't know if this picture makes any sense, but the big rectangle is the aluminum baseplate. The 2 bars sticking out the left is B+ and B-, and the bottom 3 are phase 1, 2, and 3. YOu only need 2 current sensors because phase1amps + phase2amps + phase3amps = 0.
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