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instant mpg mirrors speed? (video)

I'm still trying to get this cool device dialed in. It was giving me some weird readings, then I realized that the instant miles per gallon usage was mirroring my speed.
If I take my foot off the gas and the engine goes into injectors off, it goes to 999 mpg, but if I'm just going along no matter engine load, the instant mpg mirrors speed. If I put the car in neutral, it goes to 999mpg for a few seconds, then back to mirroring speed. If I cut the injectors (I put in a switch for engine off coasting) the instant mpg goes to 999

My MPH on the mpguino is the reading the same as the speedometer.
Please see the video I shot this morning-

Test1 - YouTube

I reattached the VSS and Injector wires to the mpguino to make sure a stray wire wasn't shorting to the other.

Any ideas? I'm about ready change my injector input to the injector itself - right now I'm attached by the ECU and am 100% certain I have an injector wire.

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