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Originally Posted by ecomodded View Post
When cruising and not using the turbo the inlet temperature is cool to cold on most driving conditions and may very well benefit from a warmer intake temp. In the dead of summer, the road baking hot, air being sucked into the intake is hot, being sucked from 6 inches off the hot pavement(my car) it is hotter then one would suspect,my car gets its best mpg during the summer.
Hers a idea Stan, run a hair dryer on high heat and med heat into
your cars intake, say after the air filter, and note any changes to your {if you have one, i don't) fuel economy device with the car at idle.
Piwoslaw or Diesel Dave or anyone else if you have a fuel economy gauge and a hair dryer or as Stan suggested, run a heat safe hose from over your exhaust to your intake and note any differences
for the good or bad by preheating the air.
If I had a gauge I would be doing the test myself.
Good idea. I have a VAG-Com. Anybody know off hand if that will work?
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Thanks to 'pulse-n-glide' technique.
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