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If I take my foot off the gas and the engine goes into injectors off, it goes to 999 mpg
Correct behavior

but if I'm just going along no matter engine load, the instant mpg mirrors speed.
Wrong behavior, and weird as fukk. I wonder what combination of wiring and config setting could produce this.

If I put the car in neutral, it goes to 999mpg for a few seconds, then back to mirroring speed.
Wrong, and wrong. Neutral should only read 200-300 mpg, since you are idling 0.1 - 0.2 gph, and going 60mph. The only exception to this is during the first second (or less) of switching from load to idle, the ECU may cut off injectors to 0.00, giving you 999 mpg.

If I cut the injectors (I put in a switch for engine off coasting) the instant mpg goes to 999
Correct. Seems that if you know where to install a cutoff switch, you should have a good handle on how to wire up the 'guino
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