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Originally Posted by trikkonceptz View Post
Since gas hit $3.00 a gallon I gave up my original hobby, building show cars, for this one, saving gas.

I must say, it isn't until now that I realized that I dumped nearly $40K into a $15K car for what? I have the title of 3rd best xB in the country as per Scion. A title ... Now don't get me wrong, getting there was fun, but it was money flushed away into a vehicle that I am going to be burried in.

Whereas now I am investing money into the Vibe, by far not as much and it is saving me tangible amounts of money. Even my wife enjoys this new hobby because of the savings and who knows, if I blabber my mouth off to enough people I may one day use the gathered knowledge here to develop a job that will definately pay the bills ... BOOYA !!

But still I caught my wife asking me why don't we sell the V8 SUV for a new Camry Hybrid or Prius. I responded with; Because they cost $8K more than what we paid for this vehicle when it was new ... Reality quickly sunk in ..
Thats interesting. I wonder if the "fast car" magazines etc. are modding (or beginning to) for aero in an mpg way? And they largely do a tidy job with their mods, apart from the garish graphics etc.!!


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