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I'm definately interested, but I have to wait. Just a couple thoughts in case this takes off w/out me.

There are so many things that you can display from the obd port that this probably would be a good 4x20 LCD candidate.

Since this is a "higher end" version than the injector based gauge, it's probably ok that it costs a little more (i.e. elm chips, bigger LCD, etc).

Also, I *think* all cars are coming out with the CAN bus now, don't know if that is just North America or what. I did see an atmel CAN processor recently (OBD support built in), but do not know how 'duino compatable that will be, if 'duino is even in the cards for the obd effort (would be nice to not have to learn another platform).

Anyway, there is a lot of interest in the obd approach. It can obviously be a useful tool for your average driver. I do hope something comes of it, at least for the hobby crowd who want complete control of the display AND mpg feedback. The scangauge is not terribly expensive though, so building your own obd mpg gauge will probably be even more of a niche than the injector based version.

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