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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
Two feet would put me in the neighborhood of 50% of template. Do you think I'd see much more benefit from going further than that?
*@ 50% with a good cleanup you could push Cd 0.177
*@ 60%,Cd 0.153 (think EV-1 with its tailcone at 183 mph at Ft.Stockton,Tx)
*@ 70%,Cd 0.140
*@ 80%,Cd 0.133
After 80% you're pretty much in 'phantom' tail territory and additional length couldn't get you below Cd 0.13 unless you went after the wheels/tires.
If you attacked those,then might be looking at Cd 0.11 or so.
My truck is at Cd 0.18 at its present length with the quirky rear bed corners.
basjoos is at Cd 0.17 with AeroCivic.
If you execute a tail mod staying close to the 'template',you could start at 50% and then later, if you got hungry for more savings,you could just extend it some more.'Plug-and play.'
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