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Came from the glider sail plane area.

So I found this interesting piece about work being done on the airflow over a glider wing

What particularly impressed me was the lightness of the material, Zig-Zag tape. AND it works.

I also took the opinion that if I made a big error in placement there likely would not be huge negative effects.

To help visualize how the laminar bubble would look during qualitative wind tunnel cession the testor used vaseline plus TiO2 mixing as a surface liquid for visualization. The result could be clearly seen thanks to UV light.

The before shot of disturbed air flow over the wing.

Now the attempts and final fix.

Starting with straight tape...not much result.

Now Zig-Zag tape placed on a diagonal too test for positioning. Big improvement in areas.

And the final result.

I think that the results are dramatic and IF one makes a huge error in placement I don't think that there will be a huge negative effect.

When I put the tape on the rear view mirror I couldn't tell that there was a difference. When I put it on the A pillar the reduction of the air aka wind noise was dramatic. A huge improvement.

So in summary...
It appears to work...
It is inexpensive (Dymo tape) cut with pinking sheers...
It is light and
I like that it is "quirky".

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