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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
In my car, once the normal operating temp has been reached, lean burn is strictly dependent on the manifold vacuum pressure, not the RPM or when VTEC kicks in. It can cruise along in lean burn at 90+mph at over 3000rpm with VTEC engaged. With the SuperMID it is very easy to tell when you are in lean burn.
Mike, this is interesting. Do you remember what ecu revision you have? P07-XXX? Mine is the A01 and:

2400 rpm is the cut for 4 in.hg.
2500 rpm is the cut for 6 in.hg.
2600 rpm is the cut for 8 in.hg.

2600 seems to be the upper limit and vtec engages regardless of load, after this point leanburn will not function at all. Leanburn only operates in 3 valve mode with this ecu.

The table is approximate, but close from what I've monitored with the Innovate LC-1.

Since the decrease in manifold pressure is required for leanburn operation as rpm increases, my gut tells me the actual HP produced is a constant as efficiency decreases with rpm.

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