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Question Constant 12+ amps to SuperMID, yet shuts off

I wired my SuperMID to a prong on the fuse box that is showing a constant 12+ amps even with the key out of the ignition.
However, the SuperMID works only with the key in the ignition.

I used to have the SuperMID hooked up to where it would stay on at all times. ( at night the lit screen would stay on even with the key out . ) I can't recall where I had it hooked in before .

What have I done wrong, because the SuperMID seems to work, yet it shuts down as I shut off the car.

I tried to wire in with the radio, but I must have the wrong wire, because I have to turn the key on to get current.

The radio needs the key to function anyways, so I thought I would try the fuse route.

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