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2004 Toyota Matrix - the lady in the Toyota Service Dept. told me a wire brush works. It takes the glaze off the belt. I thought she implied bushing it while the motor is running? Car Quest told me to NEVER put any kind of stuff on a belt to make it stop squealing. This will make things worse. The 04 Matrix has a Technical Service Bulletin to put a new type of tensioner on, $192, belt $57, (labor $66 (for the belt or the (belt and tensioner))). My belt squealed after 2 years they replaced it. Then every 2-3 years. Car Quest told me to whine at the dealer to get it fixed free but this dealer said no. Car Quest told me that now-a-days there are only 1 or 2 manufacturers of auto parts. He named a company, I forget, and they make the same "Genuine Toyota part" as the cheap no name brand.

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