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Anticipation is building

As I get closer to getting the project on the road, I’ve been thinking about my targets and how they will be achieved. I don’t expect to reach my targets at the first attempt, mainly as I will start to use the vehicle as soon as possible, without waiting to get everything perfect. My plans are to complete the development in a four-step process.

Step 1 – Stock engine, no bodywork. First tests will be “in the raw” without bodywork and so the principle gains will come from the smaller frontal area and taller gearing. That will cap the performance improvements as the higher mass and rolling resistance detract from the benefits. But as long as the bike can maintain a reasonable speed, which allows the use of dual-carriageways, then some FE gains will come from improved route selection. The original C90 could only manage 55mph (in a tuck) but I’m hoping to hit 70mph. My FE target for this stage is 60km/l which is up from the current 47km/l, which was achieved on single lane “local” roads requiring stop/start driving with lots of WOT to keep up with traffic.

Step 2 – Stock engine, full bodywork but no canopy. The bodywork will be added in a piecemeal fashion, and I will monitor improvements bit-by-bit, but my hope is that: by the time all the bodywork, less the canopy, is fitted the top speed will be 80mph and FE up to 70km/l.

Step 3 – Stock engine, full body with canopy. This will make the driver completely enclosed and the drag should be close to my ultimate target. My hopes for this stage are 85 for both mph and km/l.

Step 4 – As above but fully modified engine. The motor plans include raising capacity from 85cc to 100cc, higher compression ratio, re-profiled camshaft, ported cylinder head and fully programmable ECU for fuel injection and ignition. Most of the gains will be giving more horsepower, thus enabling the 100mph target. The FE gains will come from an ability to improve efficiency and accurately control mixture strength at cruising speed, which I hope will get me to 95km/l.

Special measures – to hit 100km/l I expect some special measures will be needed, but I’ll decide what’s best nearer to the time. I plan to keep an “ideas bank” of potential improvements, and apply the most promising ones when I see how far short of the target I am.
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