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Originally Posted by greasemonkee View Post
To my knowledge the P07 code has yet to be understood; there are two eproms within. By now someone may have figured out how to at least socket one of those things, but as far as altering the component commanding it to switch between the leanburn map and normal map - may be impossible.

The only hope would be to put that particular ecu and car on the treadmill and log air/fuel and timing data, add an eprom emulator on a socket friendly ecu and tune based off the recorded data. Even still, you'd only be able to run closed loop on your "leanburn" secondary maps you've created in the software, primary maps would have to run open loop, but for stoich operation this is sufficient. All tuning software I am aware of isn't very economy minded so you'd have to get creative.

I'd love to try this, and if successful burn the maps to a chip which could be used in any VX coupled with a modified ecu and wideband UEGO controller.

BUT, what about egr? Now you've got an whole new variable, and how to control it??? Is it essential for the safe operation of the engine? Lot of time and money to gamble.
So there's actually 2 eeproms inside each ecu? I called Hondata and they don't do anything with the P07 ecus. No interest in fuel economy there. I did see a p07-g02 for sale in the UK, but it would cost $130 shipped. I don't wanna spend that kind of money to just test and see if I get better MPG when the ecu plugs might not even be the same.
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