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GPS is somewhere on my list. I think it'll be nice when I finally get me a smart-phone. Then I'll just dock the phone on the handlebars and use the GPS app for my speedo and such.

Adjusting the speedo is pretty straight forward on the Zuma 125, from what I gather.

Well, without GPS, still using my odometer, I just hit 100mpg this morning for my last tank. Definitely something for me to smile about, on a stock Zuma. Well it's mostly stock. I deleted the mirrors and added some blindspot mirrors in the handguards. Plan on adding more flat mirror surface somewhere in there as well. The mirrors are functional enough for my tastes. Check my blind spots, see nothing, look over my shoulder, good to go. I hate relying on mirrors, especially on a bike; but they're handy for checking before you look over your shoulder. See something in the mirror, don't bother looking over your shoulder; etc.
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