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Yeah, sounds about right. I think the shy people should at least have a bell on their bicycle (and use it).

Those helmet mirrors for bicycles are basically what I'm goin' for; if that size works for me, I'll just use the 'inspection' mirror tool, like the kind you get at the hardware store; to make something for the bike. That, and/or make my own mirrors with the cuttable-mirror sheets they sell at autoparts stores.

The 50cc just didn't factor into my considerations, when I put 30 miles on 5 days a week, just for the work commute. They'd be nifty for tiny little trips.

The 125cc Zuma is the perfect bike for my current work commute though.

And to answer your earlier question which I neglected in my last post, I have kind of taken this scooter for joy rides, of sorts, but haven't taken it offroad, yet. I'm not sure if there's any offroad places I could ride it too, whilst avoiding the highway. Haven't looked into it yet. I don't really see this scooter as much of a toy, but more of a mule.

100mpg, yeah. It brought a smile to my face to hit that magical number.

Route, weight, riding style, weather; all of them have a huge effect on MPG, moreso than it would with a car. According to all my tanks, I've got a total average of 96.4mpg right now. My first fill-up was on 3/20 though.

What seems to help, is when I really push the most miles that I can out of the tank. For one, I guess it makes it a tad lighter, but secondly, I tend to get really light on the throttle and hypermile even more than I normally would care to when I get on that orange empty square. Just a theory though.

Ps. I pump the tires up to 50psi now and they've been holding it for at least a week. I'll continue checking weekly; but it looks like I was able to break in the tires to my higher PSi needs, and it no longer deflates to 40psi. Perhaps also due to the warmer weather. Who knows!

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