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I once tried a helmet mounted mirror (it had good reviews), but found it was almost worthless, due to head motion.
For some reason (maybe my vertigo?) I couldn't get the amount of visual info, that I wanted.
Maybe if the aft field of view was larger or clearer, I would have been happy.
The other problem was, helmet mounted mirrors are easily knocked out of adjustment!
I think my wife felt I was wasting too much ride time tweaking the mirror..

Our new bikes got some dirt bike style mirrors, that are larger than many,
have a good adjustment holding ability and give me a useful aft view.

Here's my wife's bike. She really likes the mirror. Way better than our old ones.


Zuma brags about their dirt-bike 'looks', but not very many people take them off-road.
Like a Honda CRV, they aren't really made for that.

When I was a kid riding my 50cc moped, I liked going for joy rides.
Just the wind in your face and the scenery in Bermuda made it fun..
Plus, the speed limit was 20 MPH.. So you could actually speed on a 50cc..
Getting up to 45 was a blast on those roads.
After two years, it took some getting used to being back on the right side of the road..

Anyways, getting 90 or 100 MPG during a joy ride makes in more of a joy you can afford..
(At least for now)!

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