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F.A.R.T. (Flppin Awesome Red Yaris) - '08 Toyota Yaris S
90 day: 40.01 mpg (US)

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07 Dodge Magnum traded for 08 Toyota Yaris

I am a credit analyst at a Bank in Charlotte, NC.
When I worked one mile from home in 2008 I bought a slightly used 2007 Dodge Magnum that got EPA estimated 15 City, and 23 Highway. I didn’t keep track of its Mileage. I switched jobs, and moved twice since then. Now I drive about 24,000 miles a year which includes my 72 mile round trip to work five days a week.
About two weeks ago, after spending $62 to fill it up, I started thinking about buying a more efficient car. I found this website, and several others. After doing much research I bought a 2008 Toyota Yaris S Manual 4 Door Sedan with just under 50K Miles. It has some scratches in the paint, and I think I got it for a pretty good price.
I think I was already an efficient driver; however after reading the HyperMiling tips it has increased my driving awareness.
My Yaris wasn’t on empty, but I couldn’t wait to get my first MPG reading. I went 215 miles on 4.67 gallons! I was completely surprised to get 46.47 miles per gallon with the first fill up of the Yaris. The 215 Miles included about 40% Highway, and 60% off highway.
With this MPG at today’s price of gas plus the savings in insurance I could save $200 a month, or $2,400 in the next year.
08 Toyota Yaris S 4 Door Sedan Manual

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