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Okay, I guess I wasn't as clear as I could have been. I was getting that figure by taking my average ampere reading on my 10 mile drive and multiplying it with my average voltage. 50 to 55 average amps at 55-60 MPH on hilly terrain. Average voltage of 140 volts. 7,700 watts continuous draw for 0.25 hours (Two miles are at low speed, making the trip fifteen minutes) puts an average power consumption of 1.9 kilowatt hours per trip, divide that by fifteen and you get 130 watt hours per mile. This figure is almost certainly low, low enough that it makes me severely doubt its accuracy. In reality, the number is likely be somewhere around 200 watt hours per mile, but I don't currently have the tools to check the accuracy of my on-board measuring devices. The conversion was done on the cheap and I would not be surprised at all if my numbers are completely wrong! Take it with a grain of salt is all I can say.
This also means that it's not including the charging inefficiencies and battery self discharge issues.
In a month or so, I should get some new tools in to make sure my shunt is of the proper resistance and make sure some other things are not screwy.

Anyway, take care!

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