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I hate the commute!!! I love the job. I took a position with a 20% increase in salary. My initial thought was to buy a small house for myself near work. It was about that time when I met a young lady. My original plan went out the window. We got maried two weeks ago. We live in a rented house with dirt cheap rent. She works from home most days.
Two things are going to happen in the next year. We are planning on buying a house, and my company is constructing a building half the distance from our current house. We are looking at houses close to the new office construction.
I read the article MetroMPG. I didn't think about all those expenses, but what I do notice is that my extra 90 to 100 minutes a day driving affects my motivation when I get home. I can't get the motivation to do laundry most nights.
I worked a job for 11 years. after about 7 years I bought a house about 100 yards from work. I walked to work in about 60 seconds. I didn't even put on a jacket in Winter.
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