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Originally Posted by Fabio View Post
Such seriousness with the seat belts.
I'm not trying to talk anyone else into shredding their seat belts of course.. I am clearly in the wrong, but it's not like my irrationality is challenging an issue any more rational.
My actual logic in not wearing my seat belt is that if I drive my Prius and I wreck it, I would be ejected before I could be protected by any of the safety precautions that I despise so.
Well, I'm curious about the status of this project too... unfortunately it looks like his ebay auctions are shut down... and a websearch showed that his name might be "Brent Springer"... and I found this article which stated an Ohio man named Brent Springer was in critical condition from an accident (where nobody was wearing their seatbelts)... unfortunately the full text of the article is behind a paywall.. does anybody have access to their archive for free? Perhaps from a library or something? Local news | |

NOTE: I have NO IDEA if his name actually is Brent Springer, or if he is the same person mentioned in this article, although I assume it is a rather rare name.

I hope he is well and on his way to recovery... I couldn't find an obit, so that is good at least.
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