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There's people taking Zumas (or BWS 125s) offroad in Taiwan. They tend to redo the suspension and put in a new fork with a bigger front wheel though. (Also, probably an extra center frame brace) So yeah, not much stock Zuma 125s offroad.

I was thinking more or less taking it on dirt roads, no jumping or mud; if at all.

Good MPG is part of the fun. As Matsu said: Enjoy ride to try get low mileage result. Try many ways, but with fun!!

Going to do to some more tinkering. Lighter low-profile aluminum handlebars should be going on this weekend. I want to anodize them first, if I can manage it. I'm just using some aluminum tubing with 10-11-gauge wall thickness. It's pretty hefty but a 24" straight bar of it only weighs 300grams.

It's all baby steps at this point, but when I'm through with this bike, it'll be awesome. Lots more work will get done in the winter time.
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