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Talking Installed a new "Aero Turbine" Muffler, gained 11% mpg!

I drive a Scion Xb. After about 3yrs of driving it. I love the car by the way. It's indestructable! and fun to drive. Also cheap to buy! Ive been wanting to get better MPG out of it. I looked at the muffler and it looked very contricted to me. So, I googled mufflers that gained MPG. I discovered ************.COM . It's a company based in Utah. They claim that the muffler gives more HP and better MPG. their mufflers are mostly used in long distance endurance race cars and big diesel turbo trucks. I read alot of message boards and it seemed people were indeed getting improvements. So, I shelled out about $130 bucks for one. An Aero Turbine 2540i. the car is wee bit louder. But the sound is great. The car definetly seems peppier but after about 5 gas tank loads my average is a solid 11% gain in mpg! Im a happy camper! 11% gain is 3.3 mile gain. Every little bit helps. Now Im looking at intakes and tires., Anyone have any tire suggestions?
BTW, Aero exhaust makes mufflers for every car and truck. But their Turbine and Turbine XL (the quieter version) are the mufflers that are the real gas savers!

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