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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Diametrically opposite... one must be wrong.

To run a Briggs and Stratton on kerosene requires LOWERING the compression ratio- they stack two head gaskets.

Smokey Yunick says any oil that gets into the combustion chamber causes detonation.

All three of these things indicate oily stuff as having lower detonation resistance. I'm gonna go with U of W, B&S, and Smokey being right.
I'm not reading the entirety of this thread, but what Gizmag said is completely incorrect. If a diesel engine is running, it WILL run on gasoline. Most will not start on it, because the fuel has too low of a viscosity to create the proper pressure using the injection pump.

I've personally run my VW IDI (basic IDI design) on gasoline for about 20 minutes to get to a diesel filling station. Once I shut it off, I had to purge the gasoline from the fuel line and bring diesel up to the pump in order to get it to start again. (This is done, in this case, by cranking the engine).

The pumps are lubricated by excess fuel flow... gasoline will not lubricate them properly. Doing this long-term = bad idea.

I've done the Kerosene thing, too... one stage hotter plug, double the head gasket, and some manuals ask you to tune the jet in the carb, as well, though I can't remember which way (and have never had to do it).

I've gone so far as to have a 70's 3 horse briggs running on 50/50 gas/kero without modifying the engine, just changing the spark plug and turning the idle screw up. It was hard to start, and seemed to run a bit hotter, but seemed equal in working torque and power, as well. It's not even close to "cheaper" to do this anymore. However, if I could get one to run on used engine oil/trans fluid, that'd be sweet.
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