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Originally Posted by slurp812 View Post
In Ohio, there isn't a lower limit, but the law says something about impeding the normal flow of traffic. So theoretically you can a ticked for going the speed limit. I haven't run into any issues, but I don't go any slower than 5 below the speed limit on the expressway. I usually drive in rush hour traffic also. Sounds like the Sheriff was being a prick about it. 28 is kinda pushing it. I think warning would have been sufficient...
This actually isn't true. There are minimum speeds on certain roads, so if a vehicle cannot maintain this, then it is a danger to the driver and to others. In Ohio, usually this speed is 40. And Ohio's state speed limit is 50, in case anyone wanted to know some almost pointless info. The only I've it would be okay to break this law, is if it's dangerous to go past. Imagine a giant snow storm while driving in the highway, it would be terribly dangerous to follow the posted limit, or even the minimum.

Originally Posted by Gealii View Post
theoretically if a cop gives u a ticket for going the speed limit which is impeding traffic that cop would be in trouble for not doing his true job because every1 else not impeding traffic is speeding and he is not slowing them down
It depends upon the state, but usually an officers job is mostly summarized to enforce the laws and protect the community. If that was a six or more lane highway, there are multiple lanes to pass with, but in only two, it does make sense.

In my personal and professional opinion, I would have just given you a warning for both. He wrote down twenty eight as your speed, because that is the speed he clocked you when he stopped you.If I were to ticket you, it would have been reversed.

I wonder how it turned out. Honestly, by the law you were doing two illegal things, it appears. I am not an expert, nor am I a peace officer in that state, so my input is limited. He seems like he could have been nicer, but he wasn't as rude as many officers are. It is a defense mechanism to protect he officer.

I hope it all turned out okay.
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