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Even in Ohio (I looked it up) there is no explicit minimum speed limit unless posted.

Based upon engineering and traffic investigations, the State or local
government may establish a minimum speed limit on a highway. However,
no minimum speed limit shall be <35 MPH or >55 MPH. '4511.22(B)
Without an explicit posting, there is this:
I. No person shall operate a vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or
block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. '4511.22(A)
II. A person, driving at less than the normal speed of traffic, shall drive in
the right-hand lane then available for traffic or as close as practicable to the
right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. '4511.25
That bit about impeding the normal flow, as usual, is left up to the discretion of the officer. If you get ticketed for this violation, you need to be able to prove you were not impeding the normal flow of traffic. In this case, the judge reduced the fine to 1 dollar plus court costs (see earlier in this thread), so I agree with the poster who said that the judge was sending a message to the officer that he should not waste the court's time in the future with such trivialities.

You said the OP was doing two illegal things ... impeding the flow being the first, I guess, but what was the other? Again, on an unposted road, there's no minimum speed limit.

I've been doing some googling about various states and Mich. so far is the only one to mandate an implicit minimum speed of 45 mph, but only on freeways. If it's not a freeway, and it is not posted, the "impeding the normal flow" bit applies, again leaving it up too the discretion of the officer when to enforce it.

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