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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
As far as gear choice and speed, I think you want to be in top gear as often/as long as possible.
Not really, unless I have this wrong. Rather, you should be as close to the minimum BSFC as possible. That's the best conversion of gas to kinetic energy.

I looked up my gearing and calculated RPMs:
Gear 	ratio												
MPH		5	10	15	20	25	30	35	40	45	50	55	60
1	3.363	898	1797	2695	3593	4492							
2	1.947		1040	1560	2080	2600	3120	3641	4161				
3	1.285				1373	1716	2059	2403	2746	3089	3432	3776	4119
4	0.939				1003	1254	1505	1756	2007	2257	2508	2759	3010
5	0.756				808	1010	1212	1414	1616	1817	2019	2221	2423
Final diff ratio 4.021
Tire dia 25.3"
Mitsu has 4G93 engine and mitsubishi F5M22 transmission

If the min FC in the BSFC map is at 2000 rpm at 75% load, like I'm lead to believe, then I should be in 3rd at 30 mph, 4th at 40 mph and 5th at 50 mph, all at 75% load. Aerodynamic drag should be higher at 50 than 30, so mileage should be best at 30, not 50. But maybe I'm "in a hurry".

Unless you mean cruising at a steady throttle and 30 mph. COmpletely different. Then, yes, 5th at 1212 rpm would probably be better FE than 3rd at 2059 rpm. But it would be much worse than P&G above.

Do I have this right? Practically, though, can you really P&G for 12 straight hours, ICE off, on a trip of 600 miles? It begs for a better way.

It's all dangerous and illegal and stuff, but conceptually, I'm thinking of a mod than automates P&G via a on-off button on the steering wheel. Might be ok for lonely country roads.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
As far as "best car" choice, you can look at what the top performers are driving- Civics, Metros, Priuii, and the like. IMHO people who do more metro-area driving can wring more out of hybrids while people who do a lil small town driving/ more open highway cruising are better off without hybrid expense and complexity.
Interesting, true about hybrids in stop and go.

It's hard to interpret results because I have no idea exactly how and where they are driving. Mostly how.

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