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You could possibly pop plastic/aluminum pans over the steel pans or just go with a clear coat. In my situation, it would be cheaper to buy stainless or aluminum pans.

I really like your grille block. If you're using Bowden cabling with a bike brake, you should look into a Tektro lever with a brake lock/release and just have the thing sprung open, shut close (so you don't overheat if the cabling breaks). You can easily use elastic springs or metal springs to accomplish that.

I have an Echo in the family that is possibly going to be inherited by me, but it's an auto. I'm really interested in polishing it up (it being a smoker's car, yet has no smoke smell) and trading it in for a manual version (because honestly, most dealerships will have no trouble selling an automatic versus the manual). Thanks for providing info on your mods to your sedan!
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