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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
On a related note, I believe it was the conservatives that gave us the dept of homeland security- biggest addition to the police state in one swell foop there ever was. And that is all I will note about the political sides of it.
Homeland Security and the TSA are bipartisan. After 911, the pols just figured they had to give us some sort of dog and pony show.

He is right about the cops. In the northeast they are very well paid and have to write lots of tickets "for our safety" and to see that they continue to be employed.

Don't want to sound anti cop, because I'm not, but, the truth is the truth. There are guys that I went to school with that are retired now playing golf every day, because they became cops right after school. Show me a job in the private sector where the average shmuck can be retired at 42.
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