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Sorry still a bit new to the whole Cd, rolling resistance, etc math and equations stuff... So one day i might actually get that info up, but its all still a work in progress.
But I did a few test rides today with a friend, learned my analog Tachometer is a little off by a 200-300 RPM's.(Reads lower)
Also did some 20mi trips all Hiwy and matched speeds with him. Indicated 70mph @ 4100rpm w/fairing instead of what was mentioned above(guestimated)

So from this new more Correct Info, my best "guess" is that w/o the fairing my previous 70mph speed was more around 4500-4600rpm...

Also ran into more "normal" head/cross winds today than i have the entire previous week... At the end of the runs, I calculated ~47mpg. This leaves me to figure i must have had a cross/tailwind giving me a boost in my previous calculation.

Aw well, a gain is a gain now to drop those RPMs down a notch...

Anyone have some Guru knowledge about making a better asymmetric front fairing? more like an LSR fairing, from airtech-streamlining or others. BUT with extremely basic tools and materials? I've thought about Expanding foam, and carving away whats not needed, seems best to me for a positive fiberglass mold.. any other ideas would be nice?
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