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I know exactly what you are saying with having the potential with performance, and still see a decent amount of power.

I don't know if I would suggest a hemi, but I've never had a good encounter with a chrysler, regarding engines or any other aspects, to be honest. I don't mean any offense by this, I just am not familiar with anything really to for it.

It appears you are not really interested in getting rid of a vehicle, and it seems like you enjoy your vehicles, ie, you want to drive them.

So what to do?
A more efficient air intake can help with power, and efficiency. Also, a cold air model will help direct incoming air, cold, rather hen engince compartment air, hot, which will be more efficient.

Coldair molecules are supposedly more dense, more air it, I don't really know the science.

Pizza pan wheel covers.

Close off some of your air intakes.

Over inflate tires.

Fill up the gaps between panels.

Keep your vehicle clean.

And a bit more extreme, you can

Close off your rear wheel arches.

Extend your arches to help the air flow around the tires.

More aero dynamic mirrors, or no mirrors at all.

Engine tuning.

Sorry for the length, I just tried to make it more checklist style. If you don't want to buy another vehicle, switch to ecoboost or better VT, andlike your cars, this is a great way to start. You can find way more in the section of 65+ mods, which most of these are included in.
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