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42 mpg

Originally Posted by ausias View Post
The surprise is the short version of the trailer wich yesterday achieved cd=0.201, if i could build a trailer extension of my "future" van with that shape I could do the same work but above de 42 mpg when full loaded with the standar gearings. Oh my god! I need to win one jackpot and start building a prototype. Why we changed the fleet some months ago? Why? Double mpg instead some percentatge increase (+13 to +25% mpg) we achieved could be done if we thinked a żlittle? before. I was focused on little driving tips, speeds, aeromods (and axle ratio) changes instead of thinking we could go far away from the make.
If you are a big enterprise like UPS its easier to R+D: UPS Testing High-MPG Composite Vans (video) they design their own vans using aluminium, diesel, custom body, and now composites.
The technology has been languishing for 90 years or so,and 'cheap' fuel has been a popular argument for not embracing low drag.
The U.S. Pentagon is paying over $400.00/gallon in Afghanistan and all branches of the military are investigating 'efficiency' like a vengeance.So far,no one's genitals have fallen off despite fears of many a manly American male that these technologies are reason enough for homophobia.
When 'men' lose their fear of spontaneousautopenileatrophy,we may see some new interest in Class-6,7,and 8 low drag.REALLY low drag!
Until then,you'll be one of trucking's nouveau-riche,laughing all the way to the bank with your tax-free wealth.
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