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I had a guy try to run me off the road recently in the Golf. I don't necessarily care about my cars, and when it's just me in the car, I don't worry too much about safety, either. I "stand my ground" and let them get as close as they wish to me. The second they touch my car, my intention is to steer directly into their car to control the situation as best as I can and get them stopped. Then, if they're lucky, I won't beat them to within an inch of their life and steal their wallet and insurance card.

In my case, I carry a handgun in plain view while in my car (unless it's holstered still), and the average person is looking at you while they're trying to intimidate you to see how you react (bad idea, if anyone reading is "that guy"), so they usually see it there and back off immediately. The worst part is, I'd never even think of using it in that situation because of the potential risk to others.
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