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Ford Paul Baltusis

there is a very good explanation from a Ford engineer regarding the use of absolute load

in IATN it may be available elsewhere on the net

the bottom line is
do not use absolute load for testing as the upper limit will always be 100%
even if the system is under performing by a huge amount

many / all systems (un boosted) can never get to 100% load even under optimum conditions , it is normal to see peak load values between 90 and 95% under WOT in 2nd at 4k rpm
a system with restriction to flow will report much less , it is how we determine
(when combined with fuel trim values)
when systems have restriction to flow or fuel delivery problems or under reporting MAF sensors

Load in green peaks at 80% , real time fuel trim in red is heavy ADD over 15% at WOT
new MAF sensor is UNder reporting

NEW means
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